Adding a Bidet Seat to Your Home

Bidet toilet seats have clear benefits to regular toilets and toilet paper found in most American homes. If you have made the decision to add a bidet seat to your home try to visit, you have probably done so for some of these key reasons:

  • Bidets are known for more thorough and sanitary personal cleaning.
  • There is no need to involve hands and dirty them with wiping and scrubbing.
  • There is less irritation and more comfort involved with water than dry paper products.
  • Bidets save massive amounts of paper and are thus eco-friendly and easier on home drain systems.
  • Bidets offer a more upscale alternative to the normal bathroom experience.
  • Bidet seats offer all of the perks of the bidet but with far less installation requirements.

And whatever the reason, you now are on the hunt for more information on adding a bidet seat to your home. Here is some relative info on the current bidet seat market that we hope you can find helpful.

Basic bidet seat installation is usually quick and easy, and can be done by most do-it-yourselfers. In the package will be the seat, installation parts, and the instruction manual. After opening the package, the first step is to remove the old toilet seat. Once removed, the new bidet seat’s mounting plate is installed onto the toilet and then the bidet seat simply snaps onto it, locking in place. From here, a fitting is added to the toilet’s existing water line, and tubing is run from it and attached to the bidet seat’s ports.

That usually concludes installation. However, it is important to remember that one installation may vary slightly from another due to brand and specification differences. Regardless, the instruction manual will guide you through the relatively easy installation process.

If you are the type who would like an even more exquisite experience, and a more involved installation is of no concern, there are some fairly impressive models out there just for you. One great example is the Toto S300. The S300 features aerated warm water, warmed air drying, a heated seat, massage feature, a remote control, and several other perks.

Aside from knowing all about installation, brand consciousness is obviously invaluable as well. Taking a moment to learn a little bit about the different choices out there, as in all purchases, gives you the best shot of getting exactly what you want. What is your comfortable price range? What kind of warranty is offered? What are the seat’s features? Is it geared toward satisfying your specific needs? These are all the right things to consider when shopping for that perfect bidet seat. And as always, contact the appropriate professional if you need more information.